Variable Drives

VFD technology from Watertronics, a Lindsay company, assures precise water pressure at the sprinkler which means less water waste and greater savings. Key Benefits of VFD Panel upgrade include providing a smooth start and stop on pumps and motors. This means less wear and tear – and a longer lifespan for your pump system. A Watertronics VFD controller can pay for itself in water and greater energy savings with up to 25% on energy costs.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 3R Panel Assembly
  • Mitsubishi Model FR-F740 VFD
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Operating Ambient 20 to 122 deg. F.
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Service Entrance Rated Disconnect
  • Control Transformer, fused
  • Wall Mount or Foot Mount (size dependent)
  • One year warranty
  • UL 508 Certified
  • Painted White (Heat Rejection)
  • Fan/Filter Cooling
  • HOA Selector Switch
  • Grounding Lug
  • Circuit Breaker Disconnect
  • 3% Input Line Reactor
  • Factory Approved Service