Certa-Set Agricultural Piping System

Agricultural Irrigation Products

Featuring the Certa-Lok Restrained Joint Locking System
Product Options:

  • SDR325 (125psi)
  • sDR41 (100psi)
  • 6" through 12"
  • 3" OD Pipe and Couplings

Key Advantages:
  • Exceptional impact strength and UV resistance
  • Simple & Fast Assembly
  • Immediate Full Strength joint (no solvent, cements, or butt fusion required.)
  • Maintains water tight pressure seal through multiple disassembly* reassembly cycles
  • Consistently Leak Free - even at startup and shutdown

Certa-Set has been performance-proven in demanding applications for more than 40 years. The benefits of Main Line and lateraly piping systems to growers of row crops and turf grass include:
  • Unsurpassed leakproof solutions for Main Line and lateral applications
  • Virtually impervious to effects of sunlight, electrolysis, chemicals, & fertilizers
  • Helps conserve water and improve yields
  • Saves on labor & equipment